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At DHL Consulting, people are our biggest asset. We always seek talented individuals that are interested in pursuing a career in management consulting.

Our consultants offer fresh ideas and turn them into feasible and profitable business solutions. As part of the world’s most international company, our team embraces diversity, collaboration and the pursuit of excellence for our business customers.
We have two key responsibilities at DHL Consulting. We provide a broad range of management consulting and business transformation services to all Deutsche Post DHL business divisions, and we deliver strategic supply chain consulting services to many DPDHL Group customers.

Consultants in DHL Consulting therefore have the unique opportunity to experience both in-house and external consulting projects. As DPDHL Group offices and customers are located in 220 countries and territories, this can take you virtually anywhere in the world!

Art des Unternehmens 
Mittelbetrieb (51-250 MA)
Gesuchte Berufsfelder 
Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie, Organisationsentwicklung/ -beratung
Who are you looking for?

We are looking for interesting personalities who like thinking outside the box, but who also have a keen eye for detail, and love working in very diverse teams and settings. Our consultants have outstanding academic records, international backgrounds/experience and university degrees (Bachelor, Master & Ph.D. – various majors).

For recent graduates, we also look for initial business or consulting experience (e.g. in internships). For professionals, work experience in management consulting or supply-chain consulting is required.

What languages do you require?

For all positions, fluency in English (both written and spoken) is mandatory.
German language skills are not required.
If you are applying for our Shanghai office, you need to speak Mandarin.
If you are applying for our Miami office, Spanish or Portuguese language skills are an advantage.

Do I need to be a student to do an internship?

Yes. All interns must be enrolled in university throughout their internship (Deutsche Post DHL Group regulations).
However, during gap periods/years between bachelor and master studies, you may also apply for an internship. Please document the planned master studies in your application.

May I write my Bachelor or Master’s thesis in collaboration with DHL Consulting?

We do not support students to write their theses with us. Experience shows that writing a thesis in parallel or as part of our project based work does not yield the expected results.

May I take a sabbatical?

Yes. We offer sabbaticals of 1–6 months to employees who have been with DHL Consulting for more than 3 years.

I have to take care of a young child. Is it possible to combine work and family?

At DHL Consulting, we care about balancing work and family life.
We offer part-time solutions for parents. Plus, we take advantage of project-based work – allowing parents to leave earlier in the evening when needed, or work from home (e.g. after children have gone to bed).
Deutsche Post DHL Group also supports the combination of family and career, e.g. through company-supported day care centers.

Is there a specific deadline for my application?

No, there is no deadline. Please send us your application when it’s convenient for you. Our recruiting process allows for hiring throughout the year, though employees always start on the first of the month.

Do you have a mentoring program?

Yes. We have two programs.

First of all, you will be assigned a “buddy” to help you get settled. Your buddy, a fellow consultant, will organize a broad range of meetings and training on your first days. He or she will be open to any questions, even about finding an apartment or things to do in the city.

Second, one of the management team will act as your mentor or, as we call it, your personal developer. Your personal developer will guide you throughout your career at DHL Consulting. You can discuss any question or concern and, together, you will plan the best steps for your development.

While on a project, your project manager is the one supporting your learning experience, whereas your personal developer makes sure that you develop your overall skillset and advance in your career.

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