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3 (4) year PhD in experimental eating behavior research, Salzburg, Austria

3 (4) year PhD in experimental eating behavior research, Salzburg, Austria

3 ( 4) year PhD in experimental eating behavior research , Salzburg, Austria

How do individuals negotiate between short -term rewards implicated in palatable food ingestion and long -term
health consequences? How can executive control over eating be enhanced? What are the neural mechanisms
underlying appetitive behaviors?

These are some of the research questions we ask in our group. Specifically, we are developing a behavioral
approach bias assessment and modification task and explore the role of brain stimul ation and/or emotions on task
performance using neuroimaging (EEG/MEG/fMRI).

The advertised position is part of the doctoral college imaging the mind with 12 students and a cutting edge
scientific curriculum (https://phdim.ccn s.sbg.ac.at/doctoral -college -im). Earlies t starting date is October 2019. The
program covers up to 4 years of salary with a fully funded 6 -months research internship at collaborat ing external
group . Candidates should have a background in Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience or related disciplines and
should be interested in eating behavior and /or reward processing , decision making or cognitive
inhibition /executive control . Applied methodological skills in one or several of the following methods is
advantageous : EEG, MEG, functional MRI, brain stimulation , reaction time based behav ioral assessment . Skills
or interest in technical or statistical programming languages ( Matlab, R , Python ) as well as statistical skills (e.g.
multilevel modeling) are beneficial . While a good command of English is necessary, knowledge of German is
optional. We aim for an equal representation of female students so women are especially encouraged to apply.

Apply online on https://phdim.ccns.sbg.ac.at/ . Enquiries can be made to jens.blechert@sbg.ac.at . Application
deadline is January , 21 th.
Laboratory website: http://www.eat.sbg.ac.at/
Centr e for Cognitive Neuroscience: https://ccns.sbg.ac.at/

3 (4) year PhD in experimental eating behavior research, Salzburg, Austria

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